My Musical Year – Day 10

So good to play everyday!! I’m so happy to improve!!! I spread my positive energy to all who need it! 😊

Special thanks to my uncle Claudio who gave me this beautiful Baby Taylor and to my patient teacher and very talented artist Gaël Schüpbach!

(T-shirt: Mallory & Freetracks ; Mitaines: Catherine Bronnimann, Métamorphose)

My Musical Year – Day 1

Today officially starts my musical year!!! I quit my job as head librarian to entirely live my passion of djing and electronic music producing and to study as sound technician!! I will randomly post some pictures of my adventures, so keep in touch!!! Thank you very much to my love, who supported me in my decision and offer me the best gift (essential UDG dj bag 😜) to begin this crazy year!!! Special thanks to my little sister, family and friends, who always supported me!!! Thanks to my dad.. miss you so much!! So, my week planning: home djing, electronic music learning and producing with my machines and mj-tuto, guitar learning and playing!!! HellEktro powaaaaa!!!

Best of Electro 2016 by Mallory & Freetracks

Here it is our best of electro 2016! 🙂

Best Live Act: Thylacine @ Tohu Bohu (Veyras-Valais)
Best Audiovisual Live Act: Jean-Michel Jarre – Electronica World Tour @ Arena (Genève)
Best Festival Discovered: Tohu Bohu (Veyras-Valais)
Best Concept’s Event: Arena Balloon Silent Disco by PALP Festival (Martigny – Valais)

Special mention: Les concerts sauvages de Couleur 3 à Paléo – Fakear aux bassins du Village du Monde